My Knight’s Quest for my guild

I was told to write up how scenarios relate to fortress takes. Here’s what I wrote 😀

A fortress siege is comprised of many different elements; all play a vital role in a successful capture of the enemy’s fortress. Scenarios only contribute a small tithe of the effort necessary, but how they affect the rest of that effort is what makes them an absolute necessity in Realm vs. Realm.

A scenario is a testing field, a renown farm (if won), and an experience farm (again, if won).  Scenarios are excellent places to try out new specializations before going out to the open battlefield in large scale Realm vs. Realm. They are also a quick way to get some renown and experience. Winning a Tier 4 scenario at level 36 can usually yield around four to six thousand renown and eight to fifteen thousand experience; which when hitting a plateau in leveling, can help out a lot. Fortress takes require both defenders and attackers to be level 37 and higher, so both sides need help with all the leveling ranks and renown possible.

Another benefit of scenarios in relation to fortress takes, is how the attacking realm gets to the fortress, because without getting there, it’s kind of difficult to actually attack it. Scenarios contribute approximately forty percent of a zone capture, and in Tier 4 that can amount to three percent for a solid win.  In a zone that is close to being locked, then three percent every fifteen minutes (based on winning of course) so it could definitely be a help. And if the fight is at a zone that borders a fortress, the quicker the lock, the better; so scenarios? Definitely a bit of a help towards fortress takes.


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  1. “My Knights Quest for my guild Random Musings of a Random
    Girl :)” definitely makes me personally imagine a small amount
    further. I enjoyed each and every particular portion
    of this blog post. Thanks for your time -Bert

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