Roses are Red….

Kinda fitting that I’m updating about the live event on Valentine’s Day (we’ll just ignore the fact that it’s been the 15th of February for about 23 minutes, ‘kay?) but meh. I’ve been playing my bright wizard in the live event and in the course of two days (was busy for the rest lol) I managed to finish all of the influence, and all but one task to finish the whole thing. Killing 10 Keep Lords in T4 on Ungrim has been difficult lately because…well, Destruction has been kicking our asses to be frank. When I logged last night they had Riekwald completely locked, and Eataine contested. I fully expect that when I log on after getting done here, to see that Altdorf has been taken. If that happens, then I doubt we’ll see Order accomplish much till Destro gets bored with it. And I’ll be on either Drakwald (hideaway Order Server) or Iron Rock (Destro Server) leveling my level 7 Magus. But shhhh don’t tell anyone.  😛

In slightly brighter news, I’m working on moving a few toons towards Tiers 2 and 3 (my engineer and shadow warrior) so we’ll see if a caster-by-heart can handle melee dps….. 😀

Till then!



One Response to Roses are Red….

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