No words can account for it……

I most certainly did not want to have my second blog be about such devastating news, but the subject is just to important to NOT write about.

As many of you have probably heard Mythic Entertainment has laid off 60-130 people from their studios. Mark Jacobs is trying to play it off as post-launch trimming and for some of the positions that may very well be true. But a few of those laid off are senior designers.  I will admit that this is not entirely Mythic’s fault and that it only seems that way because subscription numbers are not exactly meeting expectations but then too, 300,000? Quite respectable if you think about it.  Unfortunately this is not a dream economy and everyone is feeling the sting. EA is to lay off 1,100 people. Mythic’s 60-130 is only a tithe of that, even if the previous QA and play-tester layoffs are counted. This obviously says that the people at Mythic are doing SOMETHING right, though not necessarily the correct right. One of those laid off? The genius behind the Tome of Knowledge. Yeah, that book that follows you around and records all of your achievements.  The one that WoW came out with about a month after WAR did.  THAT designer lost her job. She didn’t lose her job luckily, but still…To say that it sucks doesn’t begin to cover it.

The response all over the blogosphere is a varying range of “Wow, this sucks ass.” to “I’m done with Mythic. I quit.” to “I have nothing to say”.  All of these responses are expected, if nothing else. But the main point is that all the ranting, raving, threats to quit, and whatnot will hardly do anyone any good. What we as the WAR community, nay, as the gaming community need to do, is to support these designers, and many of those who face similar situations.  I’m not offering a solution by any means (I’m jobless and overdrawn by $40 myself) but I’m just thinking maybe there’s a better way to go about this than all the hubub we’ve seen today….


2 Responses to No words can account for it……

  1. Heiki says:

    Best way to help is probably to keep playing the game so that noone else is fired…I dunno it seems somewhat logical.

  2. magickira says:

    Aye it does, and I will if only because I still like the game itself.

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