First Post…..

Okay, so I randomly decided to start a blog. I’m probably crazy for doing it (my friends always say I already am crazy but who’s keeping track?)

Now on to other matters besides am I crazy, like maybe who is this odd person that made a blog? Well people on the internet know me as Kira mostly. Occasionally you’ll hear the random calling of my real name, Kelli, but that’s few people, and mostly when I’ve caused some sort of catastrophe on accident >< (which seems to happen all too often for my liking)

How did I come to the pre-mentioned notion of this blog? Well, I have a livejournal but that just doesnt seem to fit my idea of a blog. Plus, hardly anyone on my friend’s list plays MMO’s so I feel weird clogging up their friend’s page with my rambles about the goings on of the gaming world. But for the most I just wanted somewhere to vent that wouldnt interfere with anyone’s blogs.  So aside from creating another LJ account, I decided to come here for this blog.

The most important question of the evening…why gaming? Well why not? I didn’t start out my gaming career with EQ or WoW like so many others. I started with a (now) little known game named Dark Age of Camelot about two years ago now. Yes, I started with a dieing game, go figure.  My account is still active to this day and will probably remain active until they shut the servers down, simply because that was my introduction to MMO’s. Sure I played Runescape (for about ten minutes, couldnt get used to the interface), and various web-browser games, but for the most part, you can blame Mythic for my finding my way here 🙂

And so I dont bore the whole lot of you and seeing as this is supposed to be a short intro post, I think I’ll stop here and continue in a few days…




8 Responses to First Post…..

  1. nick says:

    Hey Kira, welcome to the MMO blogging world. 🙂 I think a lot of us got heavily involved in this sphere based on DAOC, mind you I started about half a decade before you did (err, 2001… a little more, I guess.)

    Glad to see another blogger starting in these uncertain times for WAR… here’s hoping support from the community can help them hold on through what must be a trying period for their staff…

    -nick / reroller

  2. magickira says:

    lol thanks for the welcome 🙂 Good to know that I’m not the only one who knows what DAOC stands for. Most of my friends don’t >< I think the community can pull them through though it will be tough but meh, what’s life without a little bit of challenge?

  3. arbitrary says:

    Yay for more girls in blogging and in WAR. We started with DAoC too, me and Spinks!

  4. magickira says:

    Yeah there’s not to many is there? I’m the only one in my group of people leveling >< And there’s 4 other people……lol

  5. theerivs says:

    Mmm I don’t know what I like more girls, or kills squishies. I’m so conflicted. Anywho welcome to the blogosphere.

  6. magickira says:

    lol thanks….I think 😛

  7. Sumo says:

    Welcome to the blogging world :). It should be exciting as WAR is still in it’s infancy, so if it survives to grow over the next few years, it will be exciting times :).

  8. magickira says:

    I definitely agree, especially given the content that’s supposed to be coming soon…. 😉

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